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A Hudson's Bay Company York Boat

Happy New Year to everyone!

Unfortunately, Alistego remained in her shed last summer. The main focus around here was our trip to the "old world".

My wife had been to Europe many years ago but it was the first time for me. Our itinerary included London, Paris, and Rome. Our focus was on history and culture (British Museum, Louvre, Vatican Museums) and we were not disappointed.

Being from this part of North America, nothing around here is really old. True, our aboriginal people have been here for many thousands of years, but the downside of working with organic materials for their daily lives means that very little of that history remains.

So it was a real mind-bending experience to actually see and touch some of the cultural icons that we learned about in school and had only seen pictures of before. It was a truly humbling experience to walk around St. Peter's Basilica or to experience ancient Roman ruins first hand.

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