Welcome to Alistego.com V5.2 January 2, 2018

Contrary to all appearances, Alistego and I are very much alive and well.

The last few seasons haven’t seen much in the way of sailing but we have been busy in the shop making a few much needed changes.

Firstly, I have built a new mast from some lovely Sitka Spruce that I was able to get a hold of. The old and heavy Douglas Fir mast was beginning to impact our use of the boat in a huge way. The new mast includes proper wiring for a new and very bright LED masthead light. The cabin side navigation lights have also been updated to much brighter LEDs. The whole electrical system got a major make-over with a new panel (With LEDs- are you seeing a pattern here?) and a 100 watt Renogy semi-flexible solar panel and charge controller.

Secondly, a new and much improved mast raising system was built using square aluminum tubing and 6mm sheet aluminum with plywood bases. It replaces the old gin pole arrangement that included a timber beam, tarp straps(!) and other things I would rather forget. The new system is much better suited to an aging sailing couple. Much safer, too. Youtube has many good ideas and I found this one here.

Lastly, the issue of maneuvering around a very tight and crowded marina with a 2-cycle outboard that doesn't like low power settings and has a spongy shift lever will soon be solved. I have a 50 lb trolling motor to provide precise and reliable low speed thrust and the motor mount will be here very soon. I’ll report on this again later.

Keep well all!


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