Some Useful Links

On This Site:

Faoilean, an Australian Eun Mara.

Alan's building notes can be found here.

Minna's steering gear sketches, click here.

Andrew in Toronto had Iain Oughtred draw a sloop rig for his Eun here to see the results!

Mike's Eun Mara Pictures

On Other Sites:

Richard is building “Skerry” in Canberra.

Howard has two sets of photos for his Eun Mara. Earlier ones here and later ones here.

Riek in the Netherlands is building an Oughtred Wee Seal.

Boatcraft in Edmonton has what you need, including "Waters Dancing" kits.

Classic Marine has all of what you need for boat like the Eun Mara. From plans to all the fittings. The parts numbers given on the plans are from the Classic Marine catalogue.

Watercraft is a great magazine. If the Eun Mara is your kind of boat, then this is your kind of magazine.

Wooden Boat simply covers it all. Their store, forums, and magazine are all worth checking out.

Nick Grainger maintains a great site for Crazybird, a Caledonia yawl...

We’re going to make our own rope-stropped blocks. This article tells how.

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