An Old Friend Resurfaces

Long time followers of this site will recognize the name of the boat shown above though they will certainly be hard pressed to recognize the actual boat as she looks very different now!

Ibis was built in Perth by Mike, one of my very first correspondents when I decided to build an Eun Mara of my own. He was a big help when I finally got building Alistego but things change and soon after launching her, he sold Ibis and I lost touch with him soon after.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I received an email from Richard saying that he was in contact with the current owner of ibis. To make a long story short(er)- he had bought the boat from a neighbour and had re-rigged her as a sloop and was wondering if Richard was interested in the original spars. Oh, and the boat was now living on the east coast of Australia!

Apparently, the previous owner had converted Ibis into an open launch, and as the recent pictures, once again has a proper cabin and looks quite nice with her blue hull. Check out more pictures here.

Dale Hymanyk 2022