A New Eun Mara in Venice, as in Italy!

A short while ago I received an email from Giacomo telling me about his new Eun Mara. Here’s his email:

Dear Dale,

Congratulations for your site and your Alistego. you inspired me in choosing this boat three years ago, for my father, now a young sailor..

Maybe you will be interested in this new from Venice, Italy.

Here is the Eun na mara "Takatani" launched in Venice, designed by Iain Oughtred and professionally built by Roland Poltock, the same master shipwright who built the Ness yawl I sailed the Po river with, for Giuseppe De Stefano, my father, who, at the age of 78 will start sailing. The boat is equipped with an ASMO 6 kw electric engine, so smooth and quiet..(not to talk about the astonishing power and torque). Soon the pics of the boat fully rigged and with the tanned sails made by Ombra Renzini e Daniela Cometti. Something new in venice to fight the water taxi noise and waves.

thank you to Iain, Roland and the Vento di Venezia staff (who did the technical and electrical work)

All my best


Well done and we’re all looking forward to some great sailing stories from the “old world”. See all Giacomo’s photos here.

Dale Hymanyk 2022